Looking For:
-Players who are driven to be better than average in their class. This is exhibited by a constant quest for knowledge about their class and gear as it applies to raiding.
-Players who understand the importance of having “situational” gear. Healing and DPS offspec sets.
-Players who come prepared with flasks, food, potions and other consumables and have the needed gold for repair bills (even though the guild provides these things).
-Players who know the strategy for the bosses before attempts.
-Players with a solid internet connection and dependable computer that performs well in raid situations.

Current Raid Schedule:
-Invites around 12 Midnight Pacific (or 11:30pm depending on DLS) (the raid ends around 2:00am or 2:30am PST., depending on DLS)
-We try to move fast and not mess around.
-You must be on your raiding toon and ready for an invite at 12 Midnight (or 11:30pm depending on DLS).
-If you are not online or on the toon you will be raiding with at that time you will be replaced.
-If you cannot attend a raid or will be late, please notify an officer.

Grounds for Removal from the Raiding Team

While we do not like to remove players we do need to from time to time. Please realize that removal from the raid group has nothing to do with whether we like you–it is based solely on whether you can do your job and allow others around you to do theirs.

Players can be removed for the following:
-Inability to communicate effectively during encounters.
-Failure to maintain 85% or above attendance.
-If you are a player who is “working the system” and consistently right at the cut off point, it can be cause for removal as well.
-Missing a week’s worth of raids with no notice of your absence.
-Consistent low performance with no attempt to improve or no capability to improve.
-No drive to improve gear outside of raid dungeons.
-Showing up to raids with open gem slots and no enchants.
-Showing up to raid without consumables (flasks, potions, food, etc).
-Going AFK without announcing it to the raid (for all reasons)
-Raiding outside of the guild in instances that were scheduled for the guild.
-Displaying any behavior that is counterproductive to the progression of the raid group.

We will ALWAYS bring a main character over an alt character in a raid. In some cases we may see if a player minds playing on an alt if we have great need for the class and there is no main to fill it OR if it is for a single encounter where it may make a significant difference. It is always up to the player to make that decision. The decision to bring an alt will be made by the raid leader.

When in progression raids it is expected that your main character be the one attending unless the raid leader asks you for an alt due to raid need. The reason for this is to gear your mains up for progression. If we half gear alts and mains there is no progression. Exceptions can occur when an instance is declared on “farm status” or a run is declared an alt run…However this can only be after progression is secure.