Guild Rules

1. There will be no public or private begging for things from Epicdemic Members or Non-Members. This includes begging for gold, items or assistance. You may ask for these things from guildies but if you get no response or are told no that’s it. No harassment of a guildie for saying no will be tolerated. It is within their right to dictate their own time and resources. We all help each other out, this is a guild after all, but there should be no pressure to do so.

2. Rank will be given based on your attitude, performance and attendance with the guild as a whole and during raids (certain ranks require an authenticator). Members will have at least two to four weeks to find their position in the guild. At the end of that time they will either become a raider, member, or friend. If it is determined by the officers before two weeks that they are not a good fit for the guild they will be asked to leave the guild. If you are friends or family and do not intend to raid you will become a Friend of the guild.

3. This is a guild for mature players. No one under 18 can be a member. Adult language and content, including swearing is allowed. Members must be mature and able to tolerate adult themes and harsh language. However flaming, elitism, exclusion and discrimination including race, color, creed and sexuality will not be tolerated. Each individual is a reflection of Epicdemic and thus one another in WoW. Extend this to your interactions with others in game.

4. There will be no public brow beating of any member or non-member.
This means there will be no general chat, trade chat, or other public means of saying hurtful or angry things about any other player while you are a member of Epicdemic.

5. While you are in a Pick up Group (PuG) you will adhere to the rules. Make sure you know how they want to handle loot as it may be different than Epicdemic’s way of doing loot. If you have an issue with a PuG member then by all means, leave the group or ask them to leave the group but do not get dragged into a name calling match. Never kick someone without giving a reason. Epicdemic is better than that.

6. Officers are responsible for the Guild. Each Officer has the authority to moderate and take necessary action. Each Officer must abide by the following protocol when using this authority: An Officer will consult with all other Officers who are online before implementing disciplinary action such as demotion or kicking. The Officer will announce what they have done to the entire guild and explain the reason.

7. All Officer decisions regarding guild removal are final. You may seek a clarification of an Officer decision, and the Officer will present you with the facts and findings they have. Severe member issues may necessitate an immediate dismissal from the guild. Such cases arise when the good name of the guild is questioned. If you are applying to the guild, please put your favorite color as lime green and favorite place as Dalaran in the “Summary of your background and interests”.

8. We have a zero-tolerance policy with drama. There are sufficient avenues for outleting frustration (tells to officers, logging off, etc.) that there is no excuse for causing drama or participating in drama, whether internal to the guild or external. If this should occur, this is what will happen:
An officer will investigate the issue.

If you are found to be the source of the drama, you will be warned and/or removed from the guild (depending on the severity or repetition), regardless of the legitimacy of the reason the drama started. Keep this in mind. You must keep yourself in check–it doesn’t matter if you’re “right” or “wrong.”

Depending upon the severity of the issue, all participants may face guild repercussions, be it a temporary suspension of guild participation privileges, loss of guild rank, or removal from the guild.

We take this very seriously, as should you.