Guild Removal

Generally we’re a pretty laid back guild. While we try to avoid removing players at all costs, sadly there are occasions when we must. The following things may result in your removal:

1. The company you keep.

-You are a reflection of the company you keep. Grouping, helping, or participating  with players of questionable character reflects badly on you and the guild. If you continue to interact with these players, you are more than welcome to do so, outside of Epicdemic.

2. Being a jerk.

-We’re an adult guild, and we generally act like adults. This means that we’re both mature, and have mature (rated R or above) language. We aren’t a “family guild.” There isn’t much that shocks us… hell, we engage in constant discussion about things that cannot be posted in an open forum. That said, if someone tells you you’ve crossed a line, back off. Don’t be a jerk–plain and simple.

3. Accidents happen, ninjas are bad.

Someone may occasionally and accidentally “need” something or auto loot something they shouldn’t have. They generally apologize for it, make compensation, and are ridiculed for it by other players in the guild until someone else does something stupid to focus the ridicule elsewhere. Ninjas purposefully take items that are not theirs and are unapologetic kleptomaniacs who will find themselves applying to other guilds rather quickly.

4. The “High Maintenance Guildie”

While we ask you to please come to us if you have issues in the guild, if we are living in tells with you about everything under the sun you do not like about policies, raids, players, how Blizzard has ruined the game for you because they nerfed [insert item, class, potion, or stat here] and so on, your needs are much more than we can humanly handle. Basically if you are complaining constantly then you are not having fun, nor are we by listening to you complain and it is time for you to move on–we will help you in that decision.

5. The “MIA Raiders”

We realize real life can sneak up on our members and that sometimes it is impossible to get a hold of us quickly. That said, if you are a raid member whom we depend on to raid and you stop showing up one day because you have decided you are done raiding and never bother to tell anyone you will be removed. After the first week you will be removed from the raid group and at the end of two weeks you will be removed from the guild.

While we do not specifically remove players for not raiding, we do remove them for not respecting commitments they have made and for being non-communicative.

Each player that signs up for the raid group does so with the knowledge that they have committed themselves to the raid schedule and are expected to show up to raid. Raiding requires a great deal of communication and leaving the group is no exception. By not showing up you are being disrespectful to the other 24 players depending on you to be there and you are jeopardizing their ability to play the game in a manner in which they desire. If you chose to not communicate to a guild leader that you will be leaving the raid group and disappear from the game for two weeks (or less), you will be removed from the guild.

6. /gquitting

We want you here.¬†We aren’t gearing you up for bigger and better things with another guild; we’re gearing you up so that we can do the bigger and better things. If you have issues that are keeping you from enjoying your time gaming with us, we invite you to discuss these with the leadership to see if we can resolve them. Realize that some issues cannot be resolved due to personality conflicts, guild policies or the fact that you just are not a good fit for this guild.

If you choose to leave this guild we ask that you talk to an officer in game. If we have talked to you about resolving your issue(s) to no avail, or if you just feel in your heart that this guild is not a good fit for you, we will wish you the best of luck and see you on your way. We would expect you to deguild during your normal play times and let the guild know you are moving on. They have become your friends and they do like the opportunity to say goodbye.

We aren’t a revolving door so keep this in mind when you leave: If you have the Dorothy complex after you leave (There is no place like home…) and you wish to come back to Epicdemic, you will need to reapply to the guild. Everyone is reviewed on a case-by-case basis (and how much you actually worked with and discussed with us your issues before leaving is taken into consideration), but in most cases you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than getting re-invited if you /gquit.

The following are generally good ways to ensure you will not be invited back to the guild once you have /gquit:

– Applying to another guild while guilded with us*. We consider an application to another guild by a player guilded with us to be their official resignation notice and we will gladly help you on your way out the door.

– Leaving a “Dear John” letter on the forums or sending one to an officer and/or deguilding in the middle of the night. /gquitting in the middle of a temper tantrum.

– Threatening to leave the guild if you do not get your way will result in you not having the option to /gquit as you will be removed from the guild on the spot.

* Be aware that many guilds read each others applicant forums and even on private application forums pieces of the application can and have been cut and pasted to us. Think twice about bashing this or any other guild you may have been a part of in your application–no one finds a complainer endearing.