Guild Bank

The following rules apply to the usage of the Guild Bank and are subject to change without prior notice. Your usage of the Guild Bank will be seen as your acceptance to the Terms of Usage. Guild Bank deposits and withdrawals are monitored on a daily basis.

1. All items or monies deposited in the Guild Bank become the property of the Guild and will be regarded as communal property. By making a deposit you are surrendering all claims to said property. Your usage of the Guild Bank will be understood that you do so of your own free will and at your own risk. The Guild will not entertain claims for losses or damages.

2. The Guild Leadership will reserve the right at its sole discretion to dispose of any item(s) which in their sole opinion needs to be removed to make room for new materials. Said disposed of materials will be sold at the AH, to vendors, given away, or disenchanted at the sole discretion of the guild leadership team. Any revenue generated from the sale of unwanted items will in general be deposited in the Guild Bank funds.

3. All members have withdrawal privileges for items or gold based on access as provided by the Guild Leadership. The access structure has been formulated to maintain balanced game play as much as possible.

4. Please do not deposit the following items in the Guild Bank: – Vendor trash – Grey items – Junk

5. Members may dispose of items they withdraw for their own use only. They MAY NOT take out items to give to other non-guild members. They MAY NOT resell items deposited in the Guild Bank or list them for sale in the Auction House. Inappropriate withdrawals will be construed as theft and the culprit will face instant expulsion from the guild.

6. Use of the Guild Bank is at all times to be regarded as a privilege and not a right. Access to the Guild Bank is set by the Guild Leadership and can be restricted or denied in the event of abuse (or for any other reason).

7. Tabs are set up as:

   -1. General Use

   -2. General Use

   -3.Item Enhancement (Officer Controlled)

   -4. Item Enhancement (Officer Controlled)

   -5. Item Enhancement (Officer Controlled)

   -6. Raid Consumables (Officer Controlled)

   -7. Raid Consumables (Officer Controlled)

   -8. Super Secret Stash and a portal to Disney Land (Officer Controlled)


Guild Enchantment Mats

Since the Auction House prices change daily, the following will reflect the discount guild members have according to their rank:

Guest – Buy from the Auction House

Friend – Buy from the Auction House

Raiding Members – Half of AH price (while supplies last)

Officers – Covered by the guild bank

1. Enchanting mats requested by a specific toon should only be used for that toon. Do not request any guild mats from your main to enchant an alt.

2. Enchanting mats will be primarily for main spec raiding. Mats for off spec raiding will need to be discussed amongst the leadership before a decision is made.

3. Officer enchanters will do the enchant with the mats obtained from the guild bank.

4. Do not abuse this privilege. There will be no set number of maximum requests at this time. If the leadership feels someone is abusing this privilege, those privileges will be taken away indefinitely.

Our guild bank inventory for “General Use Tabs” are FIFO (First In First Out). Items should be added to the left hand side of the tab, items are shifted to the right as they age and then peeled off and sold by an officer from the rightmost side of the tab whenever we need more room. Our inventory velocity in the three (3) “General Use” tabs are around three (3) turns per month.